Get Vaxxed Or Lose Your Job?

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  1. Hopefully the government will soon wake up and realize you can't replace experienced nurses with Masters Degrees... with disease-ridden illegal immigrants (non-vaxxed, of course) who can't speak English.

    Are we living in the F'n Twilight Zone or what??

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    Why do you think that pattern is so common that you decided to cite it?
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    So -- hospital systems are seeing under 0.3% of their staff quit due to vaccine mandates. And most of these staff members quitting are not doctors or nurses. In fact the front-line medical staff is glad to see the anti-vaxxers go.

    You are aware there is a already a long list of vaccines which are required to work in the hospital. Any staff member making a fuss about taking the Covid vaccine is an idiot and deserves to be dumped from their job. This is also a hint that they better find a new career since no responsible health care provider will hire someone who is not vaccinated against Covid.
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  5. And yet, you seem to feel truck drivers, for example, should be held to the same standard of health care workers and be mandated to get the Covid-19 vaccination, right?

    Forcing almost all workers, including a substantial number of Covid-19 vaccine hesitant, bow down and get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs is not solid measure of policy success. Rather it is people working because they are happy to participate in our system beyond their own needs.

    A happy worker is more likely to go the extra mile by alerting management to issues beyond their job description, share ideas on improving efficiency, making extra effort to make sure something is right after someone else screws up, and making an honest effort in training and mentoring a new employee. There are a lot of intangibles involved in the performance of most jobs. Intangibles most realized when a worker feels he is where he belongs.

    What kind of impact would you anticipate on our economy if workers no longer provided these intangibles because there were discontented working under an perceived oppressive regime? When productivity goes down, the cost of production goes up, which leads to inflation going up and possibly shortages. When inflation goes up, purchasing power declines, all other things being equal, and the demand for goods decline. This leads to reduced need for labor, which in turn leads to higher unemployment, a stagnant or declining economy, and or Socialism, with concomitant shortages of goods or even basic necessities. The Socialistic economic system is not known for productivity or a decent standard of living for the working class. Or political stability, for that matter. Relative competitive differences increase between the new Socialistic country and others, leading to the Socialist country to becoming dependent upon prosperous countries on several levels. Congratulations, we end up with a third world banana republic country, but we sure taught Covid a lesson!

    Mandates have consequences. Besides, any serious issue that faces our country would not need the Government to mandate action as most people would rise up to the challenge without being asked. At least if they felt they benefitted from the system. The forefathers of the United States believed power emanates from the people to their representatives, not politicians deciding which rights are to be allowed to the people at any given time.
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    Yes, mandates have consequences -- the most important one is ending the pandemic and getting back to our normal life. Welcome to reality.
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  7. There is no way the mandate will end the pandemic, as moderate as the pandemic is.

    Edit: However, if the mandate turns out to be a cure against Democrats, it may yet be a good thing.
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