Get transactions from IB into Turbotax?

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by chud, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. chud


    Is there a way to automatically transfer my transactions from Interactive Brokers into Turbotax? They're not listed in the "Financial Institution" dropdown on the Turbotax site.

    Thanks for any help. I hope I don't have to enter all that by hand.

    "The tax year comes to an end. You now face the daunting task of filing your taxes.

    By now you have accumulated hundreds or even thousands of trades, all of which need to be properly matched and recorded on the IRS Schedule D.

    You know that some are short sales, but your broker does not identify these on your statements.

    To make matters worse, the 1099 that your broker provides at year end lists only sales, not purchases. How can anyone properly calculate their short-term gains and losses from this data?

    TradeLog™ gets its information right from the source.

    Every transaction executed in your broker account during the year is imported at your convenience via our stock day trader software.

    At year end, simply run a report detailing your trades and gains and losses, attach it to your IRS Schedule D and file!
  3. diputs


    Why not download to quicken and then import the info into turbotax.

    At least that is how I do it.