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  1. After speaking with Tony on the phone, I learned that he got in trouble with his wife for spending too much time on the computer. LOL. He is on a "forced" time out.

    He told me that is offering his new book for free. It is under the announcement section.

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    RealTick is offering Tony's book for free when you sign-up for the Oz intraday scanner, but there is a caveat. From their website:

    This online signup is for "direct" RealTick customers - who subscribe through Townsend Analytics only! Please consult your broker to signup for the scanner if you are not a direct customer.

    In other words, the free book offer will probably not apply if you use the RealTick platform thru one of the many alternate brokerage houses like TerranovaOnline, TerranovaMB, etc.
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    It is my understanding that if a customer who uses RealTick and the scanner through any brokerage firm and demands the free book, then RealTick will send it to them. I just found out about this deal today, so I could be wrong, but this is how it was explained to me.


  4. This the email Tony sent me.

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    The book offer is open to any RealTick user that signs up for the Oz Scanner, regardless of which brokerage firm the user is using.