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  1. Damn, got a haircut on my super duper growth stocks. SWIR reported excellent earnings and guidance - it took a 11% dump today. My other play NVTL took a dump too. I remember these stocks were flying high during the other market meltdown however the past two days these POS decide to drop by over 7 points.

  2. SWIR is a strong company. It looks like the market overreacted. Its best to be patient and wait this thing out.
  3. Bulls feel like this

  4. I know it's a good company in a super growth environment for wireless products. Hell, anyone with a laptop or any mobile devices that needs an internet connection will need either NVTL or SWIR's products.

    However, the tape is telling a different story. I'm still holding on SWIR but will dump it if it hits 22.00. I got stopped out of NVTL at 24.00 today - I had this POS since 16.00 and I thought it was gonna run like CROX. I actually had a stop at 29.00 and let it run down because I thought it wouldn't fall this hard.

    I'll probably re-enter NVTL on Monday - the growth is stellar with great fundamentals however this market is killing the shit out of it.


  5. HA>...LOL>......the little kid's already learned what a SHOCKER is! Too funny!
  6. Sounds like you've really done your research. Ask yourself if you are selling on emotion. If not my hats off to you. But, you seem to be really torn.
  7. SWIR is the exact same scenario as ATHR. Both had great quarters, issued in line guidance and received multiple upward price target revisions, but were cut to market perform by Piper Jaffray. Then after earnings both dropped like a rock on heavy volume. The market is just taking good companies down. SWIR may see another couple points down before its over. At least that's what's been happening with ATHR. I'd probably look for support at the fib retracement areas, perhaps at the 50% around $20.50.
  8. Technical analysis won't save ya from a bear market rout.

    I think this is more than just a correction.
  9. Why not?
  10. In your case it just might.

    I bought DOG recently:D
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