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    TT Desktop is a Windows-based application optimized for multi-monitor workstation configurations. You can create large, complex workspaces consisting of multiple windows across up to 16 monitors.

    TT Desktop’s multi-processor design delivers an optimal trading experience, with the highest level of performance and responsiveness for the most demanding traders.

    Log in and trade with the same credentials you use on a browser or mobile device. Use the same functionality, with the same look and feel, and access the same workspaces that you get with TT through a browser. And view positions, orders and fills on any of your TT platform interfaces.

    After an easy one-time install, updates to TT Desktop occur seamlessly.

    To install TT Desktop, log in at and click the download link on the Workspaces page. Watch this video to learn how to get started today with TT Desktop today.


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  2. HELLO, any update on when bracket orders via auto-spreader will become available
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    Hello @ballsofgold.

    Adding bracket orders to Autospreader is on our roadmap but has not been prioritized. We do not have a target date at this time.

    Have you considered building this functionality yourself in ADL?

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  4. Respectfully, it appears that I don't have a choice :) I am a dinosaur but I will give it a go...if i am successful i am sure i will have a feeling that i can conquer anything....
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    We have a section in TT Community dedicated to ADL. It's a good source for sample algos and tips on building your logic.
  6. tks i will have a look