Get The Hell Out - Part III

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  1. Let's see if I can make it 3 for 3.

    It's not as if I enjoy being correct on these macro calls, and you skilled traders can and should care less, but for swing and intermediate term traders/investors, we're going to revisit the 08 lows very soon, and then break them.

    When? Soon. March or maybe April.

    You can not and will not ever have a sustainable equity market rise with this much uncertainty concerning future employment, cap ex, industrial orders and scared-shitless consumers (and on a global scale).

    Money stopping circulating, regardless of how much is being printed, is what causes wrenching economic dislocations.

    And businesses, and most importantly,consumers just ain't and won't be buying.

    Good luck and stay safe.

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    I agree...but would say that this downturn will happen sooner...I would say this month.

    Vix is about 36 ... way down. Ted spread below 1.5. Aren't earnings out this month? That should be sobering.
  3. use these words with caution since they simply don't exist in the stock market.
    Strongest moves always happen against common sense and market consensus.
    I agree the economic outlook is grimm but that does not have to mean stock prices in Dollar terms must fall.
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    In order to have a sustainable rally, financials must lead. This has not happened. :confused:
  5. Job revisions atrocious, and average hours worked, a reliable indicator of health of job market going forward (precursor to more layoffs if low), is way down.

    GET THE HELL OUT! Real possibility of massive selloff at close!
  6. Boom goes the dynamite.

    Three for three.

    Probably just luck, b/c turder and a bunch of others were screaming buy and they"know how stocks werk. Werd."
  7. Okay, it looks, rather convincingly, as if we're setting up for below 7000 on the Dow rather soon.

    Trends intensify beyond our wildest expectations, to the upside and downside, no?

    The sad ending to this chapter is how badly beaten the world is going to feel, and the number of people who were living the good life or at least beginning to taste it - ripped from their mouths.

    - Like a two bit whore about to put her first stone crab claw, properly drawn in butter, into her mouth, only to have the fire suppression sprinkling system come on.
  8. You shouldn't talk about your mother that way.
  9. Oh look, the braniac who named himself 'monkey boy' is back.

    Hey monkey boy.