Get rid of all taxpayer services, 100% capitalism.

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  1. 0% taxes.

    Pure 100% capitalism.

    For example.

    You chose to pay for what you want. If you want police protection you hire a security service company and pay a monthly fee.

    Same with fire, medical,school.

    Your kids do not have to go to school it is optional.

    The Millitary is on a per hire basis. GE wants military protection overseas for their interests, they pay for it.

    Germans want the US to protect them, they have to pay for it.

    No food stamps or social security etc..

    If you don't work your kids starve to death, die of cholera,beriberi,etc.

    Did not save for retirement you starve to death or die of a common flu etc..

    It would be a self-correcting society
  2. i'd support all of that but i do think there could be like a 2% sales tax that only goes towards military for NATIONAL DEFENSE, nothing abroad unless we are fighting a real war, and maintaining national highways.

    and you don't have to die in all those bad situations, you just need to have a strong family to take care of you (or *gasp* believe in god and join a church)
  3. idiotic. there are places like that. most of africa,many muslim nations. you really want that?
  4. Go live on an island noob and you got what you want.
  5. Wow how come no one had thought of this before???

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    Idiotic post by OP. For example, services such as police and fire fighters are necessary otherwise it is wild west, each for its own.

    Can not go out without a gun, who wants to live in a society like this??? Plus, plice and firefighters to be paid for on municipal level, since people will not be able to afford its own fire station and police.

    So by OPs logic, if the neighbor's house catches fire, and he did not pay for firefighters, they should not even bother coming until your house catches fire?????
  7. Ever heard of herd immunity?

    Even with the best health care you and your family would die way younger.

    Wait... you'd say it'd be a self-correcting society!!! :D
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    I think noob is illustrating the absurdity of extreme libertarianism.
  9. Services would only be provided by those that could afford it. Then everyone else would riot.
  10. Yeah but you won't have to worry about pesky firefighter pensions, having to pay taxes etc..

    You pay for what you want. IF you feel the odds of your home going up in flames are low, don't pay for an annual firefighter contractor package.

    You can invest that money as you wish.

    Or if you feel that its worth paying, you pay for it. You get choice.

    And yes if you chose not to pay, and your house catches on fire no one should come out to fight the fire. You made the choice, you live with the outcome.
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