Get rid of all healthcare insurance for everyone!

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  1. So think about this. Doctors who are fresh out of medical school all seem to want to go to the most profitable line of work in medicine. Plastic surgery. Now why is plastic surgery so profitable? I mean, Plastic surgery is relatively inexpensive because of the competition and strangely enough, its not covered by insurance. So how can this be? Surely there are not more people going to plastic surgeons in this country than regular hospitals. How can a doctor make more money by charging less and being competitive?

    I had to go to the ER a few months ago for an ear ache. The bill was 500 dollars and they just gave me antibiotics (which i had to pay extra for) Then if you look how something like cosmetic surgery costs 200-400 dollars for something like laser hair removal(and the doctor spends alot more time with the patient than they did with me in the ER) it just shows that if you pay up front, costs are alot cheaper.

    Insurance screws everything up. If you go to any country without socialized medicine, you will see everything is 80% cheaper there.

    Healthcare is not a right. Yeah its really nice if you are sick and someone else foots the bill (even better when its someone you dont know like the nameless faceless taxpayers) but does that make it right? Why cant families just pay for their loved ones health care? Is it because people are so selfish in this day & age that they would rather keep there money and not pay it out so grandma can live a few more years. Is it easier to fight for socialized healthcare so you dont have to have that confrontation with grandma how you dont want to pay for her medical treatment because you are saving up for that new 60 inch plasma TV?
  2. I had to go to the ER a few months ago for an ear ache. The bill was 500 dollars and they just gave me antibiotics (which i had to pay
    Where the hell was that. The congo?:D
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    The problem with health insurance is very simply defined.

    We are the only developed nation that permits health insurance companies to earn huge net profits.


    United Health - 3.5 BILLION
    Aetna - 1.3 BILLION
    WellPoint - 2.5 BILLION

    Now, keep in mind that these are net profits AFTER hundreds of millions are paid on lobbying, P.R. and advertising costs, and after each company's hoards of accountants do everything possible to limit the net profits reported to the public.

    There is absolutely no reason to permit health insurers to earn net profits. They should be operated as non-profits, so that the premiums we pay go to CARE, and not to executives and shareholders.

    But they have bought votes in Washington. They now have a headlock on any legistation that will impact those net profits.

    As far as I know, not a single one of the fat fucks in D.C. who represent us (LOL!) has raised the issue of non-profit insurers who operate very well in other developed nations.
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    Liberals are cheapshit, they do not give away their money.. they do however vote for people that give away other people's money.. I think they feel like they are helping that way... then they avoid the taxman too... look at Obama's cabinet, half are tax cheats..

    I have found that medical services are really cheap when you are not insured.. I'm on Medicare now, the Advantage plan, it's good where I live [of course Obama's idea of cost containment is to cancel the Advantage plan] but I can go to any doctor out of network and say I'm not insured with his office and negotiate cheap rates if I want a second [with no interference from an insurance company /bureaucracy] opinion...

    I've negotiated dental work at literally a tenth of the insured rate... a friend of mine got her daughter's broken arm set for something like $50.. she negotiated all that stuff all the time, I think she said the best she ever did was an MRI for $25...

    I use colloidal silver as my antibiotic of choice, nasal spray twice a day and over time all sorts of conditions improve, especially sinus infections and allergies but lots gets into the bloodstream and does some good elsewhere.. and topically it's good too...

    All this healthcare insurance debate, largely bogus, largely about people that insist on sick eating habits and sick lifestyles... shove it all off the back edge of the world and many of us would be fine... let the self inducing sickies croak, it's their choice...
  5. the amazing thing about peilthetraveler is that he is the resident et christian apologist. he claims to represent jesus and christian ideals. his solution to jesus teachings of help the poor and unfortunate who cant afford insurance: let them die.

    "Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard." (Proverbs 21:13)

    "Jesus said to him, 'If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.'" (Matthew 19:21)
  6. are you one of those imbaciles demanding government stay out of healthcare while you are on medicare?

    colloidal silver? lol. what a gullible old fool you are. that stuff has long been proven useless and even dangerous. i hesitate to inform you because the world really needs your type of ignorance to die off so it can advance but i feel generous today:

  7. This makes more sense than anything anybodys said. Whats so hard about it. I know, Rush told you their opposition were socialists ...o-kay!
  8. 60% of the world lives on 2 dollars per day. They live in dirt houses or houses made of bamboo. They go out and fish, or farm or work for someone all day for their meal. They walk everywhere (sometimes barefoot because they dont have shoes) THATS the poor, not somebody making 25k per year who owns a car, tv, computer, has aircon in his house, orders pizza from dominos twice per week and then doesnt have money left over for health insurance.

    People have bad health in this country because they eat too much. Someone who eats too much surely isnt poor. So why give your money to someone who isnt poor?

    Anyone who is working in this country can afford health insurance if its his priority. But its not. They dont want to cut back on internet, cable TV, cupcakes, doritos, soda. Nobody in this country wants to live on rice, beans and maybe chicken twice per week and drink only water(If they did they would cut their grocery bill by at least 300-400$ per month which would pay their health insurance) They dont want to cut their cable/internet that they pay 150$ per month for. They surely dont want to cut their 80$ per month cell phone bill. Or these people also do not want to share rentals if the rent is expensive. Everyone wants to live on his own and think he is independant. Well he is not independant if he is depending on us to pay his health care. That guy could easily share a 3 or 4bd house and cut rent by 50%

    I'm for giving to people that have nothing and could never hope to pay for something extra. If someone is living day to day just to feed himself, thats the person i want to have free healthcare. But guess what...those people are already paid for by the government. What Obama is trying to do, is pay for peoples insurance that have the money but do not prioritize their needs.

    You are not poor if you make 20k per year. You just have less money than the average person in the US, but a lot more money than more than half the world.
  9. This thread illustrates just how self-contradictory the right's stance towards healthcare is. Well, let me amend that: it would be self-contradictory if they had any notion beyond what Rush & Co spoonfeeds to them to keep them useful to their corporate masters at United Health Care and so on.
    Eliminating health insurance is dumb, but eliminating the tax break employers get for paying for employees' healthcare isn't. It's the largest tax subsidy there is. As anyone can tell you, if you subsidize something, its price will go up. So, it's hardly surprising healthcare is so expensive. As with so many other things (housing comes to mind), it's half-assed socialism for the middle-class, and the effect is merely to drive up the price out of reach of folks unfortunate enough not to be working for a big fat corporation like GE.
    The best solution would be to eliminate the tax break and use it to put in place a public option to compete with the health insurers. Kills two birds with one stone: the cost would go down faster than a crack ho on a 5$ trick, and you'd insure everyone at a very reasonable cost, and you'd still have private insurance for those who want it.
    Of course, this means it will never happen.
  10. I couldn't have said it better myself. Leave it to ET's most confused, immoral extremist Christian to make a post like this.

    This post by peilthehypocrite shoudl be held up as an example for the stunning hypocrisy of the radical religious extremists. The sad part is that peilthehypocrite didn't even realize that he was contradicting himself when he made this post.
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