Get Rid Of All FOREX Threads Now

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by marketsurfer, May 23, 2011.

  1. As a long time elite trader reader and poster, I have noticed that FOREX type subjects seem to attract the oddballs, trolls, radical politicos and other undesirables to this site. My suggestion is to get rid of all FOREX threads and topics once and for all.

    I believe the quality of elite will go up remarkably after the folks drawn here for the FOREX topics move to another site.

    Most of these FOREX folks are simply not worth the trouble they cause. Please consider this sincere suggestion. FOREX results in much more trouble than its worth.

    thank you
  2. examples?

    i do not see the same issues with forex traders, perhaps an example would help.
  3. FXCM and Alpari are sponsors $$$$$$$. Plus there is nothing wrong with FX at 50:1 leverage.
  4. marketsurfer,

    I could not disagree more...sheesh they unban you and you are already wielding your opinions around with unfounded observations. You have been banned over a longer time period than you have been unbanned I believe...Your multiple aliases attacking this site do not count as the time you have been a poster here.

    Forex is growing fast. It is global and it is not going to go away. A trading website such as EliteTrader cannot afford to ignore such a huge global market.

    Just because you do not trade Forex does not mean that others do not.

    Here in the USA the regulators seem to want to ban Forex with their controlling ways...It's all about tax collecting and as soon as marketsurfer and the USA realize that this is an entire world of trading with Forex they will have to open their minds and unchain their residents...or take a back seat and become a third-world country as Obama is deciding to do at every turn. The destruction of Capitalism has no room in trading...

    marketsurfer, I have always admired you and appreciate your posts...but THIS thread really takes the cake. Do traders always end up to be so close minded and over generalize everything?...if so..I do not want to be a trader.


  5. :eek:
  6. I have nothing against FOREX--- a unbiased observation of this site discovered unfortunately(FOr the legit players) , it attracts the trouble causers and rebel rousers to elite. An impartial observation easily proves this fact. Doing away with the FOREX forums and threads will be great first step in restoring elite trader to its glory days. FOREX topics are like honey to the ruinious bees of elite-- take a look, you will see what I am talkign about. If the topic is lucrative, perhaps Baron should spin off the FOREX sections into their own website. This way the politico malcontents and trolls can pollute their own creation. Let's keep ELITE TRADER for ELITE TRADERS who TRADE REAL MARKETS ON REAL EXCHANGES LIKE STOCKS, COMMODITIES AND FUTURES.

    I propose a challenge, remove the FOREX forums and threads for one month--- see if the trouble causers disapear. I can almost promise that would be the result.

  7. The worst are all the negative nellies who post on every thread that trading is impossible and pissing on everyone who tries (and also on those of us who share our stories of struggle and then success).

    Those guys should go before anyone else IMO.
  8. I don't disagree--- The issue with FOREX is it attracts the worse troubling posters--- I took an impartial look at Elite Trader and this is what I discovered. I don't know why it is, but malcontents are attracted by the FOREX threads on this site. Perhaps its due to being the market of last resort for traders down on their luck-- so some of their anger is taking out in written form? I don't really know for sure--- just that FOREX attracts the trouble. There is a clear solution to solve this problem quickly and for good. CLOSE ALL FOREX THREADS----

    A simple observation of the quality of the posts pre FOREX forums compared to post FOREX forums is all one needs to do to see my point.
  9. Which guys are causing the most trouble?

  10. You are asking ET to give up about $53,160 in yearly income. Scroll to bottom of Forum Sponsorship for rates, and this would be based on losing FXCM and Alpari as sponsors.
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