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  1. What I'm going to ask here is only IN THEORY. Say you have about $60,000 of your own money that you can trade with. And say you wanna trade the 30 year t-bond futures market. And you wanna go for one big score, get in at a particular price, hold it for a few ticks and get out. How would you go about MAXIMIZING your possible earning potential in this scenario? No holds barred, caution to the wind, you just wanna risk everything on one trade. I don't mean strategy, I just mean what acccount would you open in order to trade the most possible size? My IB account's margin is 2k per contract, so with 60k, i can only trade a 30 lot. $900 per tick. That's not enough. Would you try to raise a bunch of money, enough to trade a 1000 lot or something? How would you go about acquring the ability to trade the absolute maximum size and making the most money on one trade?
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    Take a look at the Forex market...where you can get up to a 400 to 1 leverage.

    Most use 100 to 1 but if you want to put it all on the line and make the big score this may be a way.
  3. again, i'm only going to trade the 30 year t-bond futures....

  4. Why not just go to vegas and bet it all on red.

    No wait, I mean black.
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    Lease a seat and go down the floor before they close it. You can trade much bigger size as a local.
  6. if anyone wants to ACTUALLY answer my question within the parameters of what I said, that would be really helpful

  7. ecbot only
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    Are you near Atlantic City? Go to Harrah's and dump it all on Black on the roulette wheel. Sounds about as good as what you are contemplating.
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    You have to go to the floor. Trade a 1000 lot on non farm payrolls.

  10. No floor. No strategy tips. Thanks again.
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