Get Rich in Commodities Superboom, thanx environmentalists

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nattybumppo, Feb 20, 2021.

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  2. AbbotAle


    As scientists have been telling us (but few have been listening) - the race to get 'green' just moves from one set of pollution to another.
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  3. AbbotAle


    This is how stupid people are in the world when it comes to green issues.

    In the UK they're up in arms about a new coal mine saying it pollutes the enviroment and all that. But in order to build 'green' we need a lot of steel and materials and that needs coal.

    So wouldn't it be better to mine the coal in the UK and use that to make the steel/materials? Oh no, the coal is bad!

    So the mine doesn't get built. But we still need the steel. So what happens? The coal is mined in China, the steel is made in China and then shipped thousands of miles to the UK.

    Which one creates more pollution? Of course it's the China deal. So by being all 'green' and stopping one coal mine, in the name of 'less pollution', you've actually created MORE POLLUTION!
  4. So true
  5. We're transitioning to insanity. TX lost 10% of their power due to wind and solar freezing and now these fuckin morons are saying we need more green energy.
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  6. MichalTr


    Remember, business is business, it's not about caring for the environment. All those lefty ppl etc. are just used to push some crazy agenda, to stuff the pockets of those who design this change...

    It's like with electrical vehicles - complete nonsense (if you think about the problem of batteries). In this case if it will be about environment (for real), they would be pushing hydrogen technologies.
  7. The fact checking is 100% wrong on these dumbass liberal sites. 20% of the power production in Texas (solar and wind) accounted for 40% of the outage. It would have been catastrophic in Texas if everything was solar and wind.
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    Oh yeah what nonsense, we should have never moved on from horse buggy travel. What's a little horse shit pollution.

    Change is coming, get on board or get left beeeeehind.
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    Nonsense. But what else is new with ZH.
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