GET RICH...Fade stock777's calls

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  1. Yesterday stock777 said "gold sucks" it's up $13 dollars.

    Stock777 said to short LLNW...less than one day later it was up more than 30%, and rallied over 50% in less than a week.

    That annoying troll is the ultimate mush. As much of moron as he is, I can't put him on ignore because I use his trades as a free money ATM.

    Just do the opposite of what that putz says, and you will be rolling in cash!!!!
  2. Stock777 is a moron, after the market tanked the other day he posted an hour later that he was short from a pt off the high and then told everyone he made a live call cause it was "time stamped". Yeah time stamped an hour aftre the fact!!

    I called him out b/c it was obvious that the guy is FOS and he put me on ignore b/c he couldnt handle it.

    The guy is an absolute putz :D
  3. This shouldn't be in chit-chat, it should be in the "Trading" section.

    Stock777 is the greatest contrarian indicator this site has ever seen.
  4. Enjoy fading my IBKR call.

    The only thing fading is your p&l.
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    I started hitting the ignore button on very little provocation about a month ago, it changes the ET experience dramatically.. There is not much personal about it, I just need to enhance the experience. Some guidelines:

    even people that are entertaining but bothersome... on ignore..

    "predicting things".. hit the button...

    "jerk comments"... kill it...

    "eternally smarter than thou".. get it over with...

    "trading is impossible"... away forever

    "tons of posts and short time on ET"... yup, straight to ignore

    "hate jews/hate christians/hate conservatives/no posts about trading... grenade 'em

    "stupid posts in economics section" .... you guessed it, push the button on 'em, [not that I have not done that a good bit myself]

    "can't stand Jack H".. what's the point... banned from my site sight..

    etc, etc. There is no end to them..
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  7. +60%. Owned punks
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