Get rich by becoming a trading course vendor course.

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  1. I wrote this up as a joke on another thread and thought it was worthy of it's own thread. :D

    I was going to market this on the internet for $19.99 but I will share it with you guys for FREE :D :D :D

    Step 1. Get Tradestation and do a lot of optimized backtesting till you find the best system (hypothetically).

    Step 2. Write up a manual and make a dvd.

    Step 3. Build a web site and make all kinds of hypothetical results and promises. (Make sure the disclaimer is in really small print)

    Step 4. Add lots of testimonials from fictitious people.

    Step 5. Only accept payment by Cash or some form of non refundable method.

    Step 6. Come into ET and do a ton of self promoting (even bad press is good for business).

    Step 7. Once your students start to loose $$$ blame them and say it's their lack of discipline etc ...

    Step 8. Take a good look in the mirror and tell yourself all the lies your saying are ok because it SHOULD work.

    Step 9. Prepare to go broke because what goes around comes around.

    There you have it folks and all for FREE !!!!

  2. You mean Woodie fooled you?
  3. BSAM


    (Holding a megaphone up to my mouth)-----Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please.

    We are awaiting the arrival of Steve46. Please do not wander past the yellow police tape. If you do, we cannot be responsible for your safety.
  4. bitrend


    Step 10. Forge a **** rated by BARRON'S.

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  6. I knew it...... sulong is a charleton! (steve46 told me)
  7. that's ok...

    I used to sell mail order "Foldable Pocket Umbrellas" and "Universal Coat Hangers" for $9.99 each....
  8. TGregg


    Who has foldable pockets or universal coats? :confused:

  9. lol

    Tired of using that boring standard black umbrella every time it rains???... Well, for $9.95 you get yourself a beautifully colored umbrella that you can fold up and put away in your pocket! All your friends will be super jealous!!

    and act now....

    for only an additional $9.95 you can get the unbreakable.... unbendable.... universal coat hanger.... this will hang any coat of any shape or size.. never needs to be moved and can easily hold up to 200lbs of weight if installed correctly... comes in set of 4 hangers hurry... operators are standing by!!


    man how I miss the days of mail order catalogues and no internet.....

    change the P.O. box every once and a while.. change the DBA name.. and bingo.... couple hundred extra a month...

    I miss those days

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