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    WOW, when i first clicked on this thread title, i thought you might be being a sensationalist. But this is fucking ridiculous, I mean, we are now at the point where people in the government are not only being paid much more on average then the private sector, but now government employees are actually starting to make more then the upper echelon of the private sector as well. This is truly disgusting.

    Maverick, as a trader, do you have any reason anymore why you actually need to live in Chicago? I truly believe Illinois is going to burn after seeing this, and after hearing about the drastic raise in taxes there is no doubt in my mind that Illinois will end up as bad or worse then California. If it was me i would be out of there. I sold my property in California already, and I am on my way back to Canada, or else i will start living abroad, but i am not willing to tolerate this anymore.
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    Excerpt from the link:

    Meet Neil Codell an Illinois educator with a $26 million state pension.

    Just to drive the point further -- if Obama gets his way on his proposed state bailout, you will be paying a portion of Mr. Codell's pension. 'Codell, Neil C.' is 4th from the top of the list. His estimated career pension is $26,661,604. That's almost $27 million for a single administrator within just one local Illinois school system (Niles, to be exact).

    Obama has requested a $50 billion bailout, this time for states. We've covered it before, in a general sense, here, here and here. Certain states are broke for one reason -- Public Employee Pensions.

    Rather than require that certain bloated, mis-managed states cut pensions, Obama is trying to sell Congress another bailout -- this one for bankrupt mini-Greece fiefdoms that are politically important to Democrats -- California, New York, Illinois and Michigan.

    Are you guys f*cking kidding me? Is this some kind of a joke? One administrator on that list has a 26 million dollar pension?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?

    f*ck me running.
  4. This is also where all of the lotto proceeds get funneled.
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    If I was going to throw up it would be over your research skill.
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    un fucking believable.

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    Im curious what you find to be inaccurate about the article? If its factually inaccurate i want to know, cause otherwise im going to be stewing all night over this thing...... :D

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    I'm only going to offer a clue: it's a lie by omission. Or rather, since it is not 100% false but does contain a seed of truth, perhaps I'll call it fearmongering by omission.
  9. Ok then Ricter, WHAT is the omission??

    Please tell.
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    Ricter, please enlighten me. What is the omission? The fact that you are even going to try to defend this says a lot about you. And here's a hint, it's not good.
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