Get Ready to Short Bank Shares?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by adadadog, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Treasury is selling Bank shares obtained through TARP, which is the reason for the pump:
    1. Bank Test;
    2. dividends;
    3. Media campaign;
    4. Economy is "recovering";
    5. Ben talk
    Recall Banks were allowed to do MTM game to hide their bad loans. some fools are going to get inflated bank shares. LOL
  2. BAC looks like a missile firing off a launch pad. Its flight path has been very strong. I hope you were long........
  3. It is the pump phase; wait for dump in a few days. :D
  4. Could be true. It's gone so high so fast I dumped my shares at the top of the channel, 9.77 right before the close.

    That was a serious run. I doubt it's over.
  5. Think the Fed is trading against thier clients? :D