Get ready, MASSIVE gun restrictions coming. 1%ers hit this time.

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  1. The shootings impacted the 1%ers this time, it was not some shooting in a regular middle class neighborhood or below. Now that it touched home, you will see action like never before.

    I expect massive bans and restrictions to hit down like a sledge hammer.

    This time it is for real.
  2. Probably won't be retro-active, so you get to keep your AR-15.
  3. Mav88


    there certainly will be a massive attempt, but what comes out is unclear.

    Connecticut and other blues should just go ahead and ban all guns, it will make them feel better.

    Leave Wyoming alone.
  4. Personally I don't give a damn if stupid assed yankees vote to disarm themselves and effectively repeal the second amendment in their states.:D :D

    Can't wait to hear'em whine and moan about their violent crime problems. :D :D :D
  5. This has to be a national issue or people will get their guns from other states.
  6. Good luck getting Texas to disarm.

    Not happening.
  7. Since reading comprehension is the number one cause of dumb replies, I'll just post pictures:







    And yes, I am aware of the graph people.
  8. I stopped looking at that laughably awful chart when I saw Obama voters (blacks) at the bottom of gun murders list.

    Only in stupid liberal world could one make a chart that blacks (as a percentage of population) commit less gun murders than all the other classes.

    The problem with you liberals (one of many) is that one of you retarded boobs put something on the internet or liberal news outlet and the rest of you drooling sheep automatically believe it.
  9. That's pretty good, mind if I use it in one of my posts.
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    All you AOWM can post all the nonsense you want on the internet.
    You're gonna do whatever turns out to be the new arms control laws in the United States Of America...Period.
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