Get ready for your electric/gas bill to double

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    I'm hoping it passes, I have some large short positions.
  3. But hey...we gotta save the planet for our future children! This bill will stop the planet from getting hotter by as much as 1/50th of a degree over the next 30 years!
  4. We have to stop attributing this to stupidity and start attributing it to malicious intent. Our politicians are owned by foreigners is my guess, because no country is this suicidal.

    Pelosi goes so far as to champion reps who aren't listening to their districts.
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    Exactly. This is about wealth distribution, pure and simple. This bill does little if nothing for "global warming" and climate change, and the politicians have to know this.

    I don't believe there is much science to support a consensus on whether there is even global warming taking place, or climate change due to carbon emissions. With that said, even if you believe the hype 100%, this bill does nothing for these issues.

    This is about slowing capitalism and redistributing wealth from the US to developing countries.
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    Reading about this legislation I keep thinking about the movie Apocalypto, I don't know if anyone else saw it but it is strongly suggested in the film that the elite sitting at the top of the temple know exactly when the solar eclipse will come and know that the human sacrifices have no effect other than consolidating their own control over society and distracting the people from their own leadership's failure to manage their civilization.

    Now we are all being asked to sacrifice to prevent climate change; are there those in the know that understand that the Earth's climate will change no matter what we do or don't do and in fact has been changing for the planet's entire history? Are they using this as an opportunity to increase control and as a way to sell the public on a lower standard of living? I don't pretend to know what the actual truth behind any of this is, I'm not a scientist and I'm not in the inner circle of public policy planning, all I know is that it is usually best to be skeptical of official stories in the interactions between human beings and the establishment media is promoting the hell out of this idea. See abc's Earth 2100
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  9. We are not being asked. We are being sacrificed.
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