get ready for the dog catcher in chief to speak

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. should be good
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    Sounds like you might have your mind made up already.
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    If David Axelrod's little gem from Sunday morning is any precursor, if it weren't for the Tea Party everything would be just peachy. It is all Bush's fault, and it is the Tea Party who is responsible for the S&P downgrade. If we just raised taxes, it would completely offset projected entitlement spending.
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    Pretty much true. The Tea Party is too inflexible and so is not a useful part of any problem solving team.
  5. dont wanna scare you ladies, but its time for the canned goods and the ammo
  6. this mf is the worst president in 200 years.

    and I could have told you that 3 years ago
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    Max E.

    The guy who downgraded the U.S. debt was on Chris wallace's show, and he said that they wouldmnt have downgraded anything if we had went with the Ryan plan.

    But the dems demagogued that to death, and would not do anything to reign in entitlements, they famously actually created the most disgusting attack ad ever with paul ryan throwing an old lady off a cliff.

    It takes a real set of brass balls to blame the tea party after the dems just called them insane, and spent the last three years demonising them for wanting to reign in out of control spending.

    Obama and his spending got us the downgrade, end of story, Tea partiers have been bitching about it for 3 years., and all they ever got was 200 billion in cuts.

    Infact most of the democrats and your buddy paul krugman have been insisting we didnt have enough stimulus spending. Now thhis happens and they try to blame the tea party?!?!

    Absolute insanity on the part of the democrats, this is the most insane irrational attack i have ever seen come from the democrats, and that is saying alot.
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    Neither is raising taxes without cutting entitlement spending by a ratio of at least 1:4. And if Obama truly wanted to do that, he would have taken Boehner's first offer - which had 'revenue enhancements' in it.
  9. We should impeach Obama HUSSAIN and deport him back to Arabia or Africa or wherever he comes from.
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    And that's why people are beginning to look into S&P, they are clearly politicized. By whom is the question.
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