Get ready for DOW 10k

Discussion in 'Trading' started by college_trad3r, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. It is inevitable. We go up before we drop.

    I don't believe anymore in a blowoff top after this rally.

    Who's with me? :p

    P.S. I have already seen that various bloggers that previously bearish and underwater short around 800 are doing a complete turnaround and starting get bullish. This is a good sign of entering a bull market.
  2. indeed.
    Oscar said he's gonna remove the "Dont fall in love with the upside" statement, that he's had on his board presentations for a long time now!

    This is a great opportunity to make lots of money on longs in this bull market.
  3. Carl Swenlin believes the S&P will go to 1200. I became bullish myself but the economy has not gotten out of recession as stated by some clowns. It's a long way down to less than 5% unemployment.
  4. i dont think so im looking at the daily and this is the same price action we had back in june (6/5-6/12) before we made the move down. i think we should test around 9100 again but then correct back down to the 10 EMA just my thoughts. CT
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    Market just taking a breather. Dow 10k in sight. Surf's up! Retail money comes back into the market at Dow 10k+