GET READY FOR A DRAFT :D !!!! my poor american friends

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 17, 2006.

Do you support a draft :D

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  1. Yes, the battle for the future involves a few different groups... but not yours :)
    #61     Jul 20, 2006
  2. Who is jealous of China? They are growing at 10% +/- per yr based on an agrarian economy that is still less than 10% that of the US. To do this they have strip mined roughly 300 SQUARE MILES of land for some of the dirtiest coal on the planet.

    The economy is almost entirely based on export earnings, and heavily dependent on the US. (wal-mart for example).

    65% of their population are peasants below the poverty line (800 million plus). They are now dealing with OVER 1000 peasant demos per month. Its a civil war waiting to happen.

    All you non Yanks are waiting for the US to implode. Someday its inevitable as it is with all societies, but China is definitely ahead of us in line.

    Mahram, I can't help but think you are a kid straight out of college. You know little of how things work internationally.

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  3. StreamlineTrade

    StreamlineTrade Guest

    Where's Bin Laden?

    Lets not run before we can walk.
    #63     Jul 20, 2006
  4. Bin Laden is busy managing Arabian/US foreign policy.
    #64     Jul 20, 2006
  5. StreamlineTrade

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    I guess Herr Bush doesnt really want to catch Bin Laden anyway. If he did, that would be the end of his beloved war on terror.

    What would he do then? Build levies in New Orleans?

    Start a war somewhere else?
    #65     Jul 20, 2006
  6. Often the effigy of an American is shown in a typical ill disposed manner. But generally, most times people refuse to accept this abstraction. Your post, and a few above you, go a long way to perpetuate this notion of the dumb, insecure and ill informed American.

    What is extraordinarily funny, is that my Israeli friends used to believe the Israeli army are better equipped and better trained than the British army. This incidence proves that they are not as capable as everyone believes (mostly Israelis and US citizens), they are barely able to contain the hizbulah (or whatever their ridiculous name is). I think it proves that the British army are indeed the greatest on the planet, and that the Israeli army does not compare, even in the slightest, with the British army.

    I think it is conclusive that the Israeli army, alone, would have major problems against an Iranian army, given that I read the Iranians train the hizbulah. The Israelis are only relatively effective as a military outfit due to the backing of the US.

    I have always said, and continue to maintain that the Israeli army was an unknown quantity, with combat success against pathetic enemies such as Syria and Egypt.

    To compare them to the British army is an insult. Their pathetic hit rate has been abysmal in light of the use of "precision" weapons. Killing innocent civilians without regards is why they will be reviled. The US are culpable of the same thing, and why they are disliked the world over. The British army, are not.
    #66     Jul 28, 2006