GET READY FOR A DRAFT :D !!!! my poor american friends

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 17, 2006.

Do you support a draft :D

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  1. Ha mahram! I've got two words to say about your thousands of Iranians.....ROLLING THUNDER and if neccessary BROKEN ARROW. If you havent seen what wave after wave of B-52's dropping 500 pounders can do to large numbers of troops just wait and behold the hand of ALLAH as he levels the real infidels. Our "sitting ducks" will be nothing but casual observers.
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  2. thetool


    Of course mahram believes that.

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  3. fuck the war. I'm sure he calls his daddy every minute he gets on his cell phone with his free nights and weekends plan to help him get out of all the shit he's in.
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  4. lol you never took history did you. no war in history has been won with air power. Anybody with even alittle bit of knowlegde or has friends in the military can tell you air power cant win wars alone. they can soften targets. But just like in afghanistan, you need ground troops. Look at the vietnam war. You basically flatten the entire country. And you still lost. Look at afghan one with the russians. Flatten the entire country, and lost. Air power cant win wars. Ask any military person. they will laught in your face at how naive you are.

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  5. Depends on what you consider winning my friend. I doubt we have any real desire to occupy any of those shit holes over there in the long run. In Vietnam what did we lose? Our primary objective was to hold the communists at bay. Mission Accomplished. Doubt there are any active terrorist training camps in Afghan with the luxury to sit and plan diabolic attacks. Mission Accomplished. To completely decimate the Iranian armed forces to the point they pose no threat to us or Israel would be victory enough. Leave em so desperate for rebuilding/food money that they will pump oil like its going outta style. After all, what other resources do the pitiful fuckers have?
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  6. BIG, BIG difference between winning a "war", and simply keeping Iran from invading Israel.

    To win a war, and then occupy a country, hell yes it takes ground troops. LOTS of em.

    To keep Iran out of Israel, all the US would have to do is destroy every piece of hardware near the border. The US demonstrated in the first two Gulf wars how incredibly efficient it is at this. A-10's and Apaches would take out every, and I mean EVERY tank with no problems whatsoever. The kill ratio is about 50 to 1. Saddam lost every tank he used in Gulf 1, and almost all of em used in gulf 2. The only ones left were those in reserve, or those that turned tail and ran. The vast majority of them were taken out by A-10's and helos.

    And then there's the Israelis themselves. Probably the finest air corps in the World. In the '82 air war with Syria, the kill ratio was 100 to ZERO.

    That would leave thousands of Iranians running into the country with nothing but rifles. Say hello to the B-52. Carpet bombing in the desert is a damn easy thing to do. No where to hide (no jungle).

    Iran will not invade Israel. Their losses would be absurd. It would not be an even war like it was vs Iraq. That went no where for eight years. The first Gulf War vs that same foe lasted all of 100 hours.

    No ground troops needed in this situation. Yes, Iran would still be intact, more or less, but they sure as hell wouldn't do much damage to Israel. Although I do not believe the US would invade even if this happened, due to the ongoing nightmare in Iraq, the Israelis might. They are definitely a nasty bunch.
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  7. reg


    I think there's more of a chance of Iran drafting their young, able-bodied goat-humpers for their sorry ass army than the U.S instituting a draft. Iran would need more warm bodies after the U.S. and Israel starts decimating their armed forces thru the massive bombing campaign that we are fully capable of.
    With U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan ready for action and American warships heading to the Gulf as I type, things can get REALLY interesting.
    Maybe that's why those raghead Iranian leaders in Tehran all of a sudden are softening their stance with regards to their nuclear weapons program.
    Mahram - I think you should put in your leave of absence from that 7-11 store that you work at and get yourself ready for that draft notice from your bin head leaders. :p
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  8. c'mon mahram... you're just jealous because you know that we in the West are better, richer, more productive, smarter, cleaner, taller, freer, better looking, have better prospects and are more moral than you.

    Isn't that right?
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  9. reg


    PLUS - we don't lie about our age.
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  10. lol how come your jelous about china. Bitching that they are beating you at every level :D

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