GET READY FOR A DRAFT :D !!!! my poor american friends

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 17, 2006.

Do you support a draft :D

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  1. lol, thanks to isrealis, it looks like the americans are going tobe dragged into another war. And if luck proves anything the north koreans will act up. And you will have a 4 prong war. Afgahanistan, iraq, north korea, syria/iran LOL. Now you wished you voted democrat :D
  2. You need better bait. You never had the skills necessary to effectively troll these forums in the first place, but now, you have allowed your lessor trolling skills to deteriorate to such low levels, you can't even generate a basic ad hominem attack anymore. Sad, really; very sad.

    - Spydertrader
  3. its not an attack. Its the sympathezies from mahram :D Come on, you know eventually the united states will be dragged into a syria/iran/isreali war. Its almost but enivitable. Hopefully your not in the 18-50 range. Or have the skills necessary like truck driving, doctor, engineer, medic which increases that range to 65 :D

  4. More drivel from the chit-chat pedophile Mahram.
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    if they draft my ass...Im killing everything in site. Fuck the geneva convention and all the rules our poor boys have to adhere to. IM killing first and asking questions later... peace
  6. Draft?
    Clearly you know absolutely ZERO about the US military, much less sentiments in Congress.

    1) The US military does not want a draft as the quality of enlisted personnel drops dramatically. They already meet their quotas. Seven months straight for even the Marines, who do most of the fighting. When they do miss a monthly quota, they more than make it up the next few months. My cousin is a recruiter so I have first hand knowledge of this. He doesn't even have to give a sales pitch. Lots of kids, mostly those with no desire or money for college, are more than eager to sign up.

    2) Sentiment in both parties is against the draft. Want to guarantee losing reelection? Just promote the draft.
  7. ummm A if isreal decides to take the fight to syria/iran there is no choice but for a draft. And dont get me started about north korea. There is no choice jayford. The us has 2 choices either to let isreal be crushed or join in. And if the us decides to join, there is no choice but for a draft. It will be called limited draft at first. The republicans will say only people who have the necessary skills that are desperately needed. Then it will be expanded to infantry people. And then full draft. There is no choice. The military is overextended.

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    It's true Spyder. Very few leftists possess even basic trolling ability let alone a skill set enabling them to function in society.
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    Draft? How many bombers does it take to level Tehran?
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    Ooo! Ooo! I know I know - ONE

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