Get out of Tibet, China.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by speres, Mar 18, 2008.

Should China stay or go?

  1. China should get out.

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  2. China should stay

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  1. speres


    voice your support for Tibet here.
  2. If Tibet would like any help transcending the world, I'd be willing to support that.

  3. Retired


    Americans, go back to Europe. This is sovereign Indian territory.
  4. When the monks were marching peacefully, they had my support and admiration.

    But when the youths started to burn shops, burn Mosques, beating random people on the street, they don't have my support. They are not just targeting ethnic Chinese. They are also targeting muslims and other nonTibetans.

    Also remember that half of ethnic Tibetans do not live in Tibet. They live in other provinces such as Yunan, Sichuan (do you like Sichuan food?), Qinghai, and Gansu. You can't have an independent Tibet which rules only half of their population. But you also can't have an independent Tibet that occupies half of China.

    In addition, now about half of the population in Tibet are nonTibetans. Say what you like about ethnic Chinese migrating to Tibet (where would you get the labor force to build the Tibetan railroad?). But now they are there, do you want to drive all of them out or worse kill them all?

    Do you want another Rwanda, but magnified 100 times?