Get off this National pastime of pessimism!

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  1. Tremendous amount of negativity. January has been a hopeless month as far as the financial markets are concerned. The Feds have cut rates 2 times 3/4 points and today another walloping 1/2 point! Congress has passed a 145 billion dollar economy stimulus package.

    We got news today that economy is not as bad as thought. GDP growth still lower down to 0.60 but nothing negative to count towards a recession till 3rd quarter of 2008. Things are not as bad as the figures point out.

    But we must get out of this national pastime of pessimism and continuous hopelessness. No one has prospered by panicking and becoming hopeless. Your government has done a darn good job for all of us. Fed have come through and are on your side as much as they can be. They are not done cutting rates and happy days should be here starting today.
  2. Write this on your forehead as a daily reminder

  3. He is Larry Kudlow, I just saw Kudlow on tv talking about "pessimism".

    Either that, or Larry has his hand up Day's ass, making him talk.
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    "Turn on those computers!"
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    Good post !

    Althought I would love to agree with you the FACT remains that Bush (51% of you voted for the moron) has run up a deficit that the country may never recover from.

    People are going to have to pay the price for this idiot now.

    You just don't spend 100's of billions of dollars on a War and think everything is going to be rosy.

    The sooner you get this fool out of office the better your country will be.
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    Is your home a box, with no windows and the tv tuned to CNBC cheerleading all day? I've heard of positive thinking bringing positive results, but your bordering on ridiculous. If you actually were a good trader you would take a look around, see the reality of the situation and trade on such. Stop waiting for old, manipulated data brought to you by Bush. Even at the end of the day if you really believe everything is all roses, you still have to realize that no one else, including the fed and bush does. Thats why there are rate cuts and stimulus packages They know its bad out there right now! They try and temper those fears with manipulated data but if they really believed their own bullsh#t they wouldn't provide theses cuts.

    At the end of the day you just have to trade the market how its trading, not how you want it to trade. Or be willing to take some pain until we all wise up.
  7. LMFAO!!


  8. Hiding your negativity and pessimism? Get off that damn wagon, its about time cowards like you disappeared!

    Yeah tell us how bad things are. For you life is a sick joke. When they cut rate you doubt their motives? When are you going to feel better?

  9. Without an intellectual argument to defeat my post you look RIDICULOUS. I am not going to call you names, just pummel you with intellectual ping pongs and doses of reality. You are weak just too weak on your own.
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    I'm not hiding anything. Recession is upon us amd you talk just to talk.

    I make money in up and down markets, because I don't fight em. I grew up in Detroit and knowing how bad things have been there for the past two years with jobs and falling real estate I have been waiting for this. But what I didn't do was the fight the market for the first year while it kept moving higher. I played the game and waited for the turn.

    Enjoy that Kool-Aid it must taste really good.
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