"get me to join" or "stop me from joining" this prop firm!

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  1. "get me to join" or "stop me from joining" this prop firm!

    what if it is illegal?...what if it is a scam?

    how can I know...seriously!
  2. Are you being facetious? If you aren't, the name of the firm would be helpful.
  3. Can you tell me the name of the firm and what kind of a deal they are offering you
    I am joining a prop firm preety soon also
    You can PM me
  4. I will not mention any names...do your own research...thanks!
  5. Do your own research, thanks!

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  7. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=1594627&highlight=balance+sheets#post1594627

    From several older posts.

    From my website, FWIW.

    Experience - have been with the same Clearing Firm since 1978.
    Financial Strength -
    Use of Capital -
    Locations - and Remote trading
    Education -
    Affiliations -
    Technology -
    Cost Structure -
    Flexibility -
    Independence -

    Before choosing any Firm, and putting your own money OR valuable time at risk, be sure to ask for this basic information:
    1. Financial Statements (Don't ever go into business with anyone who won't share their balance sheets with you!).
    2. Clearing Firm affiliations. Be sure that the Trading firm is aligned with solid Clearing Firm(s).
    3. Exchange memberships. Be sure that your chosen Firm is a member of a Stock Exchange and has it's own Broker Dealer.

    This is only common sense, and applies to any business, whether you are trading or not. Know who you are associated with!

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