Get Long The NQ!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tradingbug, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. I think we are set for a rally. Anyone else?
  2. Screw the NQ! What a bunch of dogs. The most manipulated piece of garbage there is. No wonder most idiots lose their ass trading. They trade that crap the most.
  3. lol 2 true :)

    I know first hand NQ is horrid, but this low futures volume not helping anybody intraday right now imo.. too many spikey moves
  4. horrid and manipulated ?
  5. If you don't think so, simply ask for acct statements from newbies who attempt to trade it or the negative results from the "pro's'' who claim they can.

  6. tomcole


    so, who do you blame for your poor performance?
  7. My performance is great! I just don't trade the ''NQ'' or the rest of the ''nazdogs''. If you insist on contributing what's left of your acct to that index and whoever manipulates the crap out of it, be my guest.


  8. Seems it would be easier to manipulate an index with 30 stocks than an index with 100. I don't see any problem trading NQ the moves in YM lately have been short spikes. Here is todays NQ chart what is wrong with todays movement?
  9. If you feel that index is so tradable and you're such a good trader, go ahead, show us your performance! You can post it on the ''TRADER P/L'' thread. Not just for a lucky day, either, but on a regular basis.