Get long June Crude Contract $64.50/ 4-9-07

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  1. Thank me later, a picture perfect neckline test. Also now above its 200 day moving average, 50 day moving average, and 26 day moving average.
  2. What's a neckline test? Is that when you take on a risky position and your neck is on the line?:p
  3. When does May contract expire?
  4. Surdo


    May rolls on the 19th or 20th.

    el surdo
  5. Volume is all ready rolling into June, their is a $2.75 premium in June all ready, bullish!
  6. All the financial new outlets always point out the falling energy prices right before they roll. Look everyone crude is falling, then poof all the sudden its $3.00 higher overnight.
  7. hello...what crude oil futures news website do you use for news?..thanks for your help...


    4-20-07 K expires
  9. Lets hope your oil flows better than your other calls......
  10. Why is it bullish that there is a $2.75 premium in June? I don't get it. You want to buy because there is a large premium?

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