Get Long Big Banks

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  1. The stress test information will send them soaring in T minus 50 minutes.
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    Can FAS close the gap to 9.35, can the buy stops above 875 get taken out? Fed says, Yes they can!
  3. The stress test is a joke.
    Already in the stock prices.
    Does anyone in their right mind really expect any of these entities to FAIL?

    Besides, the info won't be made public until May 4th.

  4. I agree the stress tests are MOSTLY already in stock prices. I say mostly because there is always that chance the report could show some negativity. I expect prices to rise on the banks but not by a large amount following this information.
  5. I have some May $10 calls that I am babysitting with a tight stop.
  6. The test won't show any negativity for the majors. If anything they will sacrifice the regionals.
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    XLF WATCH: Fed to announce Quantitative Easing measures will be done through financial shares till Citigroup makes a new high
  8. April 24 (Reuters) - Regions Financial Corp (RF.N) may be the only major bank that fails to pass the U.S. government's "stress test" and is also at risk of having to raise more equity, analysts at Oppenheimer said, and shares of the bank fell as much as 12 percent.
  9. 10 minutes until the BS begins.
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    Oh those poor bastards that had tight stops!
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