Get. Freaking. LONG.

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  1. I've told you guys this on many threads, but no one listens. This market is going to the MOON. They are printing money out the arse, and signing up for fuking fiscal projects that are going to require printing money out the arse. Windmill farms off the coast of the NE? Really? Funded by the Federal Government?

    The country is going to shit long term, but, mark my words, the stock market is going to the MOON. Do NOT miss out. I implore you guys, I like yall, don't look back and think "Saltynuts told me, I wish I would have listened. :("
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  2. Finally your backwards country might fix itself in fact. The idea that the country printing the world's currency cannot afford to keep 1st world living standards for the whole population (infrastructure included), while having a large degree of unemployment and employment in dubious service jobs is hilarious.
  3. Not going to "fix". Going to DESTROY! Intentional. Politically and greed motivated.

    The entire Leftist world has wanted/needed America to be "done away with". Happening now.

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  4. Unfortunately, "making a Bizzillion Percent" in the stock won't do you any good. Your money will be worthless from currency devaluation. (In the Turkish stock market ~1983-2005, their market gained > 2 MILLION PERCENT.. but even those who rode the thing up for the entire gain still lost 98% of their buying power in the currency devaluation.)

    Misplaced hope... a soaring market due to money printing. Short of war, worst thing that could happen to America.
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    The market drives fundamentals...big brain on the left
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  6. Hello Scataphagos,

    I have a question for you as you been trading for awhile, I assume. Just your opinion.

    For a day trader, what is realistic expected returns year to year? 20%, 60% 1000% or just be happy if you beat the SP500 year to year. Perhaps I need to start new thread on this.

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    Difficult question.
    There are day traders that do extremely well whilst some hit 20%, most are not profitable.
    If your research is of good quality, you are unlikely to plateau. You just get better
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    The one lesson I learned over the years is not to set artificial goals. Trade and see the outcome.
  9. Years ago I thought 20% was good work. But in this age of "Fed/government interventionist" markets,
    I no longer have a view on that... or even what's sane.
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    You not alone. That is why I trade based on statistical models with algos. Current shit just can not be rationalised. Algo has no bias.
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