Get Don Bright's Money

Discussion in 'Events' started by Don Bright, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Or at least free drinks.....I'm heading to San Diego next week for a "meet and greet" at the Hard Rock in LaJolla. All traders are invited (please bring your significant other as well), call Mike at: 858.729.9950, just to let me know how many to count on.....

    We can discuss our new trading techniques, hardware and software, and just plain hang out.

    Friends, competitors, everyone is invited....I really want to check out the SoCal trading scene.....believe it or not, I have never even been to my LaJolla office.

    Everyone.......Everyone is welcome.....alias or not....There will be NO unwelcome solicitation, NO unwelcome recruiting.....and, heck, free cocktails!!!

    I will post this on a few threads.....

    If you prefer to stay more "anonymous"....just send me a PM with your handle....I just want to know how many to count on......

    Don :)
  2. nitro



    Do you think 777 will fall for it?

    nitro :cool:
  3. What's the date? The time? The location?

  4. I'm sure that my pal O777 is way to smart to "fall for it"....but the truth is, there is nothing to fall for, except a couple of hours of fun.

    Tuesday, 4PM, Hard Rock La Jolla.

    I would appreciate an email or PM, or a call to Mike in La Jolla at: 858.729.9950 just to say you're coming by.

    Hope to see Mr. Kirkland and Mr. Tharp (feel free to call me directly to set up an eariler time to meet and chat if you like).

  5. just mail me a check. thanks. :p
  6. I'm more interested in Bob Bright's money.:cool:
  7. Me too!!! lol

  8. I will take anyone's money ...