Get Behind President-Elect Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ByLoSellHi, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. He's going to need bipartisan help.

    I quit posting in P&R until after the election, true to my word.

    I believe the person with more potential has won, while I'm well aware that opinions vary.

    I think Obama will be much more centrist than many have claimed running up to the election. This would be consistent with his performance after being elected to President of The Harvard Law Review, where he disappointed the more liberal members of the Review.

    Our country faces great challenges, so put aside the immature and petty bickering, reserve the childish racism, give him a chance to succeed while genuinely hoping that he will.

    When Obama spoke, he tamped down the boos of McCain or Bush (even Cheney). He spoke of the future and not the past.

    The time for past bitterness is over.

    Unite behind the President to be, and stop with the outlandish attacks of Marxism, Socialism, Terrorism, etc.

    Obama loves this country as does Biden (and McCain and Palin, also).

    We sink or swim together.
  2. hawk24


    No , I will be waiting to see if my assumptions are right. Have you read his foreign policy advisor's book. I await the results of the grand academic experiment . Poke the bear to hard enough and it will bite your head off.
  3. Oh, now after bitching for 8 years about Bush and then McCain, you want everyone to gather around for a "Obama Love-In". You must be stupid. Four years of bitchin' coming your way!
  4. achilles28


    Fuck That.

    Obama holds both the House and Senate.

    They're gonna ram through some ungodly shit and we'll be lucky to come out in one piece.

    Obama is puppet, BiLow.

    Time to wake up.
  5. achilles28


    Holy shit, guy.

    What kool-aid are you drinking??

    Everyone at the Top is a Globalist.

    They're all CFR, all Globalists and all One-Worlders.

    They're gonna ram Global Government down your throat by shredding the Constititution.

    Thats how much they "love" the Country!

    Just wait until Obama gets his hands around Free Speech and the 2nd Amendment.

    Oh, we're gonna see a lot of "Love" then!!