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    trendlover has refused to allow me to retire from ET. Ok, so I will post something of interest to me.

    I have fallen in love with a woman. Being the man I am, I leave nothing (that doesn't have to be, left) to chance. I found this article interesting.

    This site is dominated by men. In CC, there are pictures of beautiful women. But how many of you guys can have a woman genuinely fall in love with you, and vice versa?
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    Big mistake. Let it go. Don't ruin your life.

    Get a dog. Much more loyal.
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    Oh God. Here we go... :(
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    I've been called cute, good-looking, handsome, and sexy before. It's not a big deal.
  5. Women do not fall in love with the man. They fall in love with his job. His paid-off 3000 s.f. house on a one-third acre posh suburban lot. With the fact that he owes no alimony. With his children who are grown and off the payroll. With the size of his portfolio. With his short life expectancy. And with his talent in bed. Why my second wife married me, I have no clue.
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    Oh my God. Seriously, are you guys all bitter? :( Maybe she likes your wit?
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    Have you ever been married?
  8. I watched a program on Ted Kennedy after he died, he spoke lovingly of his last wife, this made me wonder. I was going to follow up a bit more because I found this interesting so late in life he found a women who loved him (at least he thought so).

    This may have a point which Art made regarding money but sheesh, wealthy people have sensitive radar when it comes to gold diggers. Maybe money doesn't matter at that point in life and love is blind, who knows, who cares - (sometimes).

    Or maybe our expectations of love changes over time (and our needs) and perhaps we are more forgiving with age.
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    Falling in love is like trading without a stop.
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