Get around the bamking blockcade and give $ to Wikileaks. Actor John Cusack involved

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  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Wikileaks was supposed to release all this damaging stuff on BoA and the bailout, never saw one thing come out. Like Anonymous, they are all bluff, no substance.

  2. Wikileaks. No substance?

    Julian Assange is probably the most wanted man on earth, having embarrassed many of the world's major governments with his leaks.

    Civilized people have so lost their cool about the subject, that they have openly called for his assassination in the national media.

    And what does Assange get for letting people know what their governments are up to? For most of his career he's been sleeping on couches. Every other world-famous person has cashed out by selling something (Fight Club bad boy Brad Pitt started selling cologne), and now flies around the world in their private jet.

    Assange is in debt, and keeps fighting where he believes he should be fighting.

    Contrast this with "Tsing Tao": no substance, and no brains.
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    Your stock just dropped a couple points.
  4. I have mixed opinions of the wiki leaks project and julian.
    I do not on tsing and we've had our differences.