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    According to the video posted on Youtube a couple of days ago, Rafi Sela, a man responsible for security at Ben Gurion airport in Israel - claimed to be one of the most security conscious airports in the world - would be able to easily bypass the scanners. Perhaps the most telling part of this realisation is that Ben Gurion has no plans to utilise the TSA's new detectors.

    The man behind the video, Jonathan Corbett, described throughout the rest of the video, that because the images created by the scanners feature a black background and that hidden objects show up as black as well, adding a small pocket on a user's side renders anything placed in it invisible.

    He didn't stop with the theory however, testing it out on several occasions and managing to smuggle a small metal container - the kind that would easily have been picked up by traditional metal detectors - onto a plane; successfully tricking the scanners and personnel using them.

    This obviously creates a massive security risk but also poses the questions why the TSA hasn't known about this already? And if it did, why were the scanners rolled out like they were, at a massive cost to the airports that use them?
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    TSA is a ridiculously expensive sick joke intended to make the sheeple feel safer whilst systematically stripping civil liberties.

    Of course the same could be said of a number of federal bureaucracies.
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    TSA: Thousands Standing Around
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    Or - Traveler Strippers Anonymous
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    Or Truly Stupid Ass holes
  6. Agreement again, hold me up. TSA is a way to employ the un-employable. Sad, really sad.

  7. Do you also get scanned , luke ?
  8. +1

    BTW,it was created by republicans
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    and continued/expanded by Obama.
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    Why, you wanting to see the images?
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