Get an instant email notification if acct value changes x %

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  1. As the subject says: is it at TD Ameritrade possible to get an instant email notification
    if the account value changes x%? For example when it rises 25% or falls 25%.
    Anybody know that?

    Background story:
    For the past March 4, a Friday, there is a big spike in the value of my trading account (says the equity chart of my above broker), even almost tripling in value! :D I don't know why I missed such an important opportunity, seems I was doing something else on that said day. Otherwise I of course would have closed the open positions. The spike did last only just the said 1 day says the equity curve chart. :-(
    I haven't found out yet what the cause of the spike was...
    Have others as well had such a gigantic spike of their account value on March 4? Maybe there was an important World event, dunno. Btw. it was 2 weeks after the Ukraine war had started...
  2. Girija


    Under research and ideas section in your portal check portfolio alerts.
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  3. Hi, thx. I just looked there, but it shows the following page.
    Do I need to sign-up for such alerts?
    But is it then maybe an external company whom I give permission to access my acct?
    How is your experience? TIA

  4. zdreg


    Why not an automated text if you are thinking along those lines?
  5. I assume you mean SMS text or something similar. Right?
    This would be OK too, of course.
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    Congrats on the $18.