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    This is a nice story.

    FWIW, I have one of my own.

    I was really sick the last couple of days with the 24 hour flu. I vomited every 10 to 30 minutes for about 5 hours straight, whether there was anything to throw up or not.

    My dog, Shreddy, became alarmed. No matter what I did, he would shadow me - until I puked. He got scared and went downstairs. Then, when I stopped, he would come back, lick me, then curl up beside me. Once he got used to the horrible puking sounds, he didn't leave even then.

    For two full days, he shadowed me. Even my wife thought it unusually sweet.

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  2. That was a great story and I guess it goes without saying but, pets add a whole other dimension to your life. Good dog.
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