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  1. nitro


    Yes. They don't realize they are small dogs!

    Of course, with dogs, it has nothing to do with size, even though most big dogs would have them on a cracker. They are very verbal ! Ugly? Hmm, I think they are really cute!

    Well, the kid statement is true, the excellent working dog is true, _BUT_SERIOUS_BABE_MAGNET_? You gotta be kidding, I wish I weren't married when I take Shreddy to the lake to play!

    :) :)

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  2. BSAM


    Comparing a Golden to a Jack....give me a break....That's like trying to compare ENE with KLAC, AMAT, PG!!??!! You take Shreddy to the lake to play? Hope a perch doesn't get him!


    You're in. Goldens/Labs.....virtually the same dog....(Also known as "Real Dogs"!!!)

    Seriously though......There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Sounds as if we fall into the good owners category. 'Sides, everybody knows that Dogs rule/Cats drool!:D :D :D


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  3. tuna


    How does the saying go.....
    Its the size of fight in the dog not the size of the dog in the fight

    I seen terriers take on rotties as well ,you gotta give em points for balls,don't know about brains but definately balls.
    as for old may as well buy a cat...or do they chase mice as well...
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  4. This thread has gone to the Dogs

    Dogs rule? Cats drool? If I ever can, I am going to get a


    Big Cats rule!

    Tigers eat dogs for Dinner!

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  5. Like to see that trick. Enough spit flies off this beast to drown damn near any mammal. I swear he's got a stash of Red Man hidden somewhere.
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  6. nitro


    Brains??!! Jacks are the _EINSTEIN_ of dogs!

    However, I do not know how to reconcile the fact that I have seen a Jack jump out of a moving car, in traffic, because he went crazy after seeing a squirrel! (it broke a limb :( )

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  7. Did he get the squirrel?
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  8. nitro



    I butchered squirrel - no though he didn't realize he had broken a limb until he had calmed down.

    Now, he can look out the window, with the window open, but with the leash aroung his head attached to something in the car. :)


    PS Maybe I can change the spelling above before anyone notices!
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  9. hey, this is "a life", what, are you kidd'n me?

    comic relief, I tell ya, comic relief
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