Get a job in a prop trading firm in London without trading experience

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  1. Hello, new poster here. I would like some suggest on how to start to become a trader.

    I studied Finance at uni and I have some years of experience in operations in a big asset manager. I decided to quit because I hated my life, really bad job environment, boring job etc. I would like to become a trader because I think it is the best job for me, I don't like to have a boss, I am good in taking quick decisions and I have enough capital to start.

    I don't have any direct experience investing because I didn't think that the markets were beatable; moreover, I didn't have a lot of money and I preferred to be liquid over investing in case of sh*t happens in real life. I think I will move to London because I feel it is my best city for me in Europe. I may continue to work in operations in Finance to have enough stability/money but I would like to know if it makes sense to work for some prop firm.

    I don't care about the money that I can make now, as long as I don't need to make any capital contribution and I can make enough for living in London. I feel it may make sense to work in a prop firm to speed up the learning process, i.e. work for 3 years for a firm and then become an indipendent trader with my own money.

    Any suggest if this makes sense and which are the best companies in London for training/learn something?I like quantitative trading and I am studying python so I would prefer something related
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  3. What majes you think markets a beatable now when you thought for a long time that markets are not beatable? Your case sounds more like the one of someone who seeks a better work environment regardless of what type it is than someone who has a life passion for trading that is required to be successful in this endeavor. Why have you not embarked on anything trading related previously that points in the remotest to building the tool set and stamina and respect for risk required to be successful in trading?

    Before you start asking whether someone would hire you or whether you can buy a seat at a desk you should ask yourself the above questions.

    Just asking questions...

  4. Thanks for the suggest, I will do it
  5. Thanks for the question. I guess it is better to reply to it now rather than be surprised by this during an interview!

    Several things change after I finished to study:

    I worked for a while for an hedge fund as a trader support. Looking back, I was stupid as I could have easily a job in this firm as a trader probably. I am friend with some guys who worked there and their strategy was fairly easy. Unfortunately, this company closed so I cannot go back there and ask for a trader job.

    After this, I worked for a very large asset manager, and I was working with portfolio managers every day. I understand that PM and trader are different jobs but still, when I was working with these people I didn't feel they were any special/super smart/ etc, just lucky enough to start from a good position when they join the company instead of shi*ty operations.

    On top of this I studied also for some industry certifications (CFA, FRM) but I don't think they are very relevant for trading.

    Regarding this, "Why have you not embarked on anything trading related previously that points in the remotest to building the tool set and stamina and respect for risk required to be successful in trading?", this also makes sense. I did something related in my opinion, I played poker professionally for few years that I think is basically the same of trading except you can start with a low capital.

    I didn't do any trading by myself because I have never had enough money to do it in a meaningful way (i.e. I think to trade you need at least 10-20k EUR). Then I started to work for financial firms and I did not have time to trade plus due to internal rules trading is not allowed etc. Now, I am free so I am considering it seriously for the first time
  6. Well, good luck to you then.

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    Me also looking for a trader's job in London or NYC. Seems like you fit for this job, I would recommend you to watch Anton Kreil videos on YouTube for inspiration and he says right things about reality and careers.
    Actually it's better to try to achieve financial independence.
    I'm scared to fail but more scared to work in corporation with poor salary till I die.
    My trading experience was inconsistent, one day I could make 24% then lose 50% etc.
    I thought that I'll never do it again for money, just for game, but since I graduated and I have to find a job it's the only thing where I have any experience because I spent a lot of time for learning how to trade then practice and I don't see myself anywhere else.
    But I'm not secure from losing in a big way, you know, but I'll try anyway to trade and succeed.
    Good luck to you
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  8. Chinasilver asset management is hiring prop traders in hk
  9. Sounds very professional, almost as trustworthy as "golden dragon fortune forever limited", sfc license holders also at best a B team if not C.


  10. they are topnotch in ore-ore-sagi
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