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  1. For between $400-700 you too can get yourself a generator that will be enough to power computers, some lights and other needed equipment to keep your home office going. The power goes out in my home about 2 weeks out of the year for different reasons. I have installed a large generator which cost me $10,000. Anytime the power goes off then within 20 seconds the generator powers up and I am up again in no time.

    Usually it takes the power company 3-5 days to get the power up again. Down the street is a vulnerable point and during most any storm trees&branches fall on the lines. That 3-5 days of waiting is usually really disruptive to a person's or a family's routine. For a busy professional, the power out can mean the difference between success and failure.

    If you can't afford a large setup like my own then I would just go with a smaller cheaper setup which is designed to power basic lighting, the hot water heater and basic computing. So for the survivalists in this forum a small generator could not hurt you...
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    depends on area and it's population's density
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    any thoughts on a natural gas generator?
  4. thought about getting one. few hundred bucks or a grand for a power generator is not a problem, but installation is a headache. I though to put it in the garage, but then though it's probably too dangerous. I have to put it outside the house, then I need a shed, but my HOA does not allow shed.....
  5. I'm planning on getting exactly that to power the house in case of a storm or Bubba running his truck into a power pole. Cost is going to be about $4K installed, so not too bad. Here in SE TX we gotta have A/C !!
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    way to go! should be better,cleaner and less maintenance
  7. My neighbor has a generator. problem is gas, gets old gotta keep recycling gas, into the car, refilliing the cans. Personally I'd get an invertor installed in the car.

    My next house is gonna have propane furnace. Use some oil lamps for light.
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    yep..this BS mix of gas and ethanol will destroy any engine, if you not burn/change it frequently. thanks to idiots in DC, right out nowhere we all have to worry about one more thing.... stabil is most popular,but my bike with EFI doesn't like it at all.
  9. For $10k you can buy a VW diesel motor (like from an old VW Rabbit or probably even a newer Golf) and build your own setup in a small shed - it would be about half the price and probably just as reliable.
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    They are slick. Especially great if you live in a hurricane prone area.
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