Gertsman, the 25 yr old mutimillionaire trader nonpariel

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thetraderprofit, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. Who is Gertsman?

    Haven't heard about a 25 year old multimillionaire trader. It interests me. I live 10 min. away from the MERC.

    Good Trade!

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  2. nitro



    In the expectation that you will break the $1M mark in a few months, we should make it a "realtime" journal. Doing it hindsight does not have the same freshness, and the willingness to "rewrite" history will be too great.

    We need to get started now.

    nitro :D
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  3. Screw the book - I am going straight to film. I am making a movie about all of you. But, it has little to do with trading and involves porn in Southern L.A.

    Any takers?
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  4. I'm in!
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  5. I'm in...

    I want Snoop Dogg and Jenna Jameson...
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  6. Sorry, Brother... that bitch is mine...
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  7. OK, brotha Candle... but only after I'm done with her...
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  8. Maybe we can somehow mix porn and trading......demonstrating, for instance, the true purpose of the kneewell of a trading desk.
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  9. Since trading my strategies fairly well suck now, I could be persuaded to write a book, but it would have to include more than just one trader. I'm sure there are others out there with higher incomes and better exploits.

    The problem is verifying the stories I hear from others.
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  10. gertsman


    Big fella, what are you doing to me? Keep posting stuff this and I am going to need another umbrella policy.

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