Gertsman, the 25 yr old mutimillionaire trader nonpariel

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  1. Some time ago I ran a thread on our young friend. If you read his old posts, you would think he's a novice. His hasn't posted lately, but I'm hoping this jars him loose. I am planning a book about him.

    As luck would have it (and actual knowledge equates with luck here), I have personal knowledge that Gertsman has continued to confound as well as compound.

    Typical Gertsman Saying V. Actual Meaning

    1) I'm trading a lot 1) I'm trading 16 1/2 hrs/day

    2) Trading has been rough lately 2) I only made $55k yesterday

    3) I trade a few markets 3) I trade every market

    4) I met a girl last night 4) 5 Stewardesses raped me
    in a limo last night
    5) I'm about to retire 5) I'll never retire

    Gertsman is the BEST trader I have ever watched, and I made this determination 2 years ago after watching him for only 5 minutes.

    The point of this thread is," Do you think such a book would be a bestseller?"
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    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. I'm not very bright, so please take pity and make it clear for me.

    Good Trading.
  3. I think it'd be interesting, but why don't you hold off and write a book about me in a few months. I'm younger than him, so it might be cooler :D
  4. Just wanted to clarify...was just kidding about writing a book about me, althought I am a few years younger but haven't reached the multimillionaire level yet :p

    But it would be an interesting read.

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    I think if you had written this book 5 years ago, you couldn't have kept it on the shelf. Today, IMHO, I doubt it would sell much outside the trading community.

    I live about 15 minutes from Gertsman, but he does not want to let me see him trade.


  6. Who is Gertsman? And nitro, what area are you in? I'm probably 15-20 min. away if you're anywhere near the city or NW suburbs.

    You said Gertsman won't let you see him trade. Just wondering, do you let others see you trade?

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    I only "know" about Gertsman from Trader - apparently he RULES THE FREAKING MARKETS.

    I am in Chicago, about 15 minutes from the MERC.

    LOL - NO, I do not let anyone else watch me trade. But he let Barry watch him trade! :(

    nitro :D
  8. I'm about half an hour from the Merc. Well, I guess let me know if you change your mind. Who knows, maybe I'll write a book about you but you gotta let me see you trade first :D

  9. nitro


    Maybe I can write a book about you?

    nitro :D
  10. Give me a few months so I can break the million dollar mark :p :D
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