Gertsman, Millionaire Magazine Proposed Article

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thetraderprofit, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. I have proposed an article about Gertsman to Jim Bounce at Millionaire Magazine. He also publishes Billionaire Magazine.

    If you would like to see an article in the online or print edition of the magazine, send an email to and tell him he should have Barry write the article.

    Please send only one email as I'm renting a house from the guy and I don't want him to wring my neck over a flood of emails.

    I will probably use my pen name "The Trader Profit"

    Gertsman has agreed to be interviewed.
    This is a staid publication, so please be very courteous.

    Please leave a response on this thread if you send an e-mail
  2. Guess nobody cares.Well, I know Nitro does.
  3. who is Gertsman and why should we care?
  4. I thought we decided to make a porno movie in another thread?

  5. nitro


    I do.

  6. Larry Flynt is busy running for governor of California---and wow, I got 4 replies in 5 minutes after none in two weeks!!
  7. Gertsman's idea of a bad day is a $60,000 profit. He trades 16.5 hours per day in stocks, bonds, futures, Dax, Eurex, and now, I believe currencies.

    He is trying to control the article for Millionaire Magazine so I am debating whether to blow it off since he doesn't want me to discuss any specifics. You might say we are in a fite if you know what I mean.