Germany's finance minister hospitalized in Brussels

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  1. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble was "conscious" in a Brussels hospital on Sunday after suffering an allergic reaction during crisis talks to protect the eurozone, his spokesman said.

    "He is doing well under the circumstances," said Michael Offer, adding that Schäuble was "conscious" and "understands what is being said to him" after taking new medication for the first time, according to his ministry.

    Schäuble was replaced at the emergency euro talks by Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who travelled to Brussels at short notice.

    A key member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet, Schäuble has suffered ill health for the past several months, with a wound from an operation failing to heal properly.

    His hospitalisation came shortly before Merkel's Christian Democrats suffered a harsh defeat in a key state election in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    The loss cost the centre-right coalition in Berlin its majority in the upper house amid voter anger over the bailout for debt-stricken Greece.
  2. Huh - must be an allergy to giving money to deadbeat countries :D
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    yours sounds like a joke but it is not a joke. it is probably from the stress of recent events that history might blame him for pouring money down a bottomless pit and ending germany's post war is some hyperbole but not much,
  4. The man has been in a wheelchair for a couple of decades now apparantly.

    No idea on the influence of this on his general health but there could be implications atributing to this unfortunate event I would think. Not an expert on this.