Germany's Dax is Down.

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  1. That should mean a buy at the open for US markets. Go momo, go momo.
  2. I see no reason why the US markets will sell off today.
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    The DAX is down much more than other european markets because it looks less and less likely that the CDU (center-right party) will win the elections.

    The anticipated victory of this party has been the main driver behind the multi-month DAX rally.

    Usually the DAX follows the US markets in the afternoon, but today it will take a very strong upward move of the S&P to get the DAX moving again.
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    The Dax is down because there is an election sept 17 and the result is unclear.

    "Polls predict Schroeder and his liberal coalition will be defeated by a conservative alliance led by Angela Merkel, a physicist, who would become the country's first female chancellor. Schroeder's re-election is hampered by his party's 28 percent approval rating and a belief by most Germans that he is incapable of energizing the Continent's largest economy.

    Oskar Lafontaine wants to improve everybody's life. The former finance minister and defector from the Social Democrats is reborn as a tan and happy populist. Rising from the country's disenchantment, his Left Party offers a bewildering mix of ultra-liberalism and romantic populism. Two months ago, it was dismissed as a novelty. Today, it registers 8 percent to 10 percent in the polls and will probably win seats in the Parliament and a voice in a coalition government"

    oops, laocoon beat me to it, :)
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    What a lovely move indeed, Todays range almost 200 ticks :)

    Often good action during US hours after such, and as some1 allready pointed out it may very well be to the upside. Not that I care about the direction as long there it goes somewhere :)

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    Has anybody got the dax index on an option trader page in IB tws 851? I get the options but no the index.
  7. right mouse click on DAX cash index > tools > option trader

    pick your strikes and expiration and load chain
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    I have an options trader window with the dax options but no index at the top. I cannot add it to anormal page either just hangs.
  9. Morgan Stanley sold 20 mln ALLIANZ shares in a secondary placement - this weighs heavily on the market. Especially since the placement did not go through too easily....
  10. Are you subbed to Eurex? Other than that, I don't know what to say. Works fine on my system
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