Germany´s economy shows biggest increase yoy in GDP since reunification: +5.2 %

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  1. Germany had better grow faster so that they can continue to play "Mr Bailout Bank" for Greece, Portugal, and any other weak country that can't get their shit straight.
  2. But inflation is 4%! :p
  3. howcome industrial production going up when wages are much higher than China's??????:confused:
  4. Right. Germany's economic success will likely all be drained away by EU tit-sucking countries...

    Similar to America where the economic success of doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, small business owners... will all be drained away to fund Odumbo's "social justice"... and we'll all end up equal... BROKE!!
  5. Butterball


    Has German GDP reclaimed the 2008 highs yet?
  6. If it werent for the perifery 1 Euro would be worth 5 USD today and the export would have grinted to a halt a long time ago.
  7. elon


    Quality my friend... quality. I don't know about you but I trust manufacturing quality of German products much more than Chinese made products.

    Back when I was in high school I had a German made music stand and it really kicked ass. It was solid, did its job, AND it looked sexy. That is some tough competition.
  8. WS_MJH


    hear, hear. German cars are the best out there for style and reliability.
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