Germany´s central banks warns:"rescue measure too dependent on high-risk deals"

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  1. Hours after an all-night summit of euro governments ended, flaws began to emerge in a package that was billed as a “grand and comprehensive” solution to the European debt crisis.

    The concerns were led by Germany’s powerful central bank, which expressed fears that a plan to leverage a €440 billion eurozone rescue fund to amass a “fire power” of €1 trillion, or £880 billion, resembled the risky finance methods that triggered the crisis in 2008.

    EU leaders are expected to sanction the establishment of a so-called special purpose investment vehicle, or SPIV, to be set up in the coming weeks. It is aimed at attracting investment from countries such as China and Brazil.

    Jens Weidmann, the president of the Bundesbank and a member of the European Central Bank, sounded the alarm over the plan to “leverage” the fund by a factor of four to five times without putting any new money into the pot.

    He warned that the scheme could be hit by market turbulence with taxpayers left holding the bill for risky investments in Italian and Spanish bonds.
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    Incompetent criminal scammers.
    Details are coming out: northern banks don't need to raise capitals. French banks will increase capital not paying out dividends.
    Italian UniCredit is less safe than Dexia. :D
    And Irish banks are safe. You read it right, let's all repeat it out loud: IRISH BANKS are SAFE. :D
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    Oh I forgot: German banks, hugely leveraged and stuffed with subprime and toxic assets, how much capital will they need ? Only 5 billion LOL :D
    This is the german-french banksters' plan: favor german-french investement banks, and punish southern traditional banks.
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    German people are the most selfless people, not only do they work hard to support themselves but also the Greeks, the Italians, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Irish.
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    You didn't read: IRISH banks are SAFE :D

    But thanks, now I understand ! They devised a plan in which german selfless people won't have to bail out toxic assets in their own troubled german banks ! Thanks ! :D