Germany Will Buy Stolen Swiss Bank Account Data

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    from another thread..
    Thermactor, I now agree with you.

    My opinion has not changed that the individuals who are committing these crimes against account holders will burn in hell for their trespasses. The Swiss have traditionally provided the much-needed service of secret, secure storage of wealth. But this has evaporated in the last year.

    They better hope their cuckoo clock, chocolate and yodeling industries can carry them. Who is going to bother with sending them their money with all these holes in their banking?
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    well, if you like to have your money near to you,(living in Germany Italy France etc.) you need to be only a little bit more smart:
    buildt a nice structure for your money (trust, offshore company, foundation etc. +++) and open the account in switzerland.
    but open simply an account under your name would be a little bit dangerous
  3. Thanks. In my case, I've personally spent time in Zurich to draw my conclusions. Their cavalier attitudes and approach to others is not an activity that should be positively reinforced by the international community. I'm sure that in the past, they had some decency and integrity (hence their killer reputation) but now it's absolutely false.

    Funding an account into a bank with them is no more secure than opening an account with Citicorp, or Chase Manhattan.

    The only thing the Swiss currently do well is make chocolate. If you're ever in Switzerland, make sure you pick up a brick of Confiland chocolates - they're impossible to find online and taste phenomenal.
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    You will still have to be the beneficiacy owner of the account, so your name will still be tied up to same random company which if your government finds out they will want to know whats its all about
  5. Yeah but you can tell the gov to pound sand as long as you are not repatriating the income. They know there is money there but they can't do anything about it.
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    Yes, quite correct, the Beneficiary must stump up a passport under the new rules.

    In many Countries the period of amnesty on offshore Foundations/Accounts is over and the penalties now are savage, brutal infact
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    the combinations of trust-foundation-LLCs constructs buildt in different countries are working perfect. (not for small investors :) )
  8. Isn't it funny ? Nobody complaining about the OBVIOUS breach of CRMINAL LAW that the German Authorities performs ?

    Buying stolen data is simply called "Receivng Stolen Property" :

    Receiving stolen property is defined by statute in most states. Generally it consists of four elements: (1) the property must be received; (2) it must have been previously stolen; (3) the person receiving the property must know it was stolen; and (4) the receiver must intend to deprive the owner of his or her property.

    A person receives stolen property by acquiring or taking manual possession of it. Physical possession, however, is not always required. Under some statutes, it is sufficient if the accused has exercised control over the property. For example, a statute may declare that paying for the property constitutes control, regardless of whether the accused has handled it.

    In many jurisdictions a belief that the property is stolen satisfies the knowledge element. It has been held that a mere suspicion does not constitute knowledge. Some statutes provide that a person has knowledge if he knows, or has reason to know, that goods are stolen. Another test is whether a reasonable person would suspect that the property was stolen. Knowledge is commonly proved by the circumstances surrounding the receipt of the property. For example, unexplained possession of goods that were recently stolen raises a presumption that the possessor received them illegally.

    In order to be guilty, the receiver must intend to deprive the owner of the property. The crime is committed even if the receiver intends to obtain a reward for returning the property because she has gained a benefit from depriving the owner of possession, even temporarily.

    Welcome in a world where GOVERNMENTS are actively supporting CRIMINALS

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Welcome to the real world Asusilovic - governments are criminal by nature. You have just noticed the camoflauge being briefly removed. To become a government you have to claim moral exemption so you can legally kill or steal. They just forgot to legalize it first.

    Anyway, there has been some good news in the courts on Swiss bank secrecy - on January 8 the UBS betrayal was ruled illegal, and in another court, one of the betrayed account holders won an appeal. There could even be criminal action against Finma or cabinet members. 75% of the Swiss people still support bank secrecy, so there could also be a referendum. Don't expect the US media to play this up.

    Here is a different take on the Swiss:
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    the referendum could be = wrong
    the referendum will be, officials said.

    we will see what will be, when the outcome is NO...
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