Germany Will Balance It's Budget By 2015

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    Why won't Washington do the same? Is it because we have stupid spending liberals running our government?

    Germany has ignored calls from its eurozone partners for more economic stimulus by tabling plans to cut spending and balance its budget ahead of schedule on the eve of an EU summit dedicated to growth.

    Wolfgang Schäuble, German finance minister, said on Wednesday that his budget for 2014, involving spending cuts of more than €5bn to trim the total below €300bn, was “a strong signal for Europe”.

    He described the 2014 spending plan as “growth-friendly consolidation”, intended to prove to the rest of the eurozone that “consistent sustainable budgeting and growth are not mutually exclusive”.

    Philipp Rösler, economy minister, said Germany’s public finances were the “envy of the world”.
  2. This is a joke right?
    The european union Is like Texas bragging about a surplus with obligations to pay californias debt.

  3. More revenue then spending cuts.If republicans were willing to do that I'm sure a deal in Washington could get done :)

    Under the budget plan, federal spending will be reduced by €5.1 billion from 2013 to 2014, while government income from taxes and other sources will rise €5.6 billion during the same period.
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    We don't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. Check your historicals of GDP and entitlement projections. Obama already got his revenue increase.
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    They are ranked the 4th largest country by GDP and are about 1/4 of the U.S. If a European country can balance their budget we can certainly cut spending and balance ours if the obstructionist democraps would get out of the way.

  6. 60 billion a year isn't close to solving a 900 billion a dollar a year deficit problem .

    You asked why Washington couldn't do what Germany did and the answer is Germany put more revenue on the table then cuts.You asked was it because of democrats and the answer is no,its republicans who aren't willing to put up more revenue like the Germans did :)

  7. The CBO is projecting a 845 billion dollar deficit in 2013,thats 155 billion lower then Obama inherited.We are heading in the right direction.If we can get the obstructionist republicans out of the way progress would be faster
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    Exactly, well that and an Obama problem.
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    Bush's last full year was more like $500 billion before tarp, stimulus etc. after the subprime collapse and financial crisis brought about by democrap housing policies.

    The CBO is projecting one or two years of slightly less than $1 Trillion deficits before they explode upwards. You've seen the charts, I don't need to post one again.

    Most stories I've read about this expect the lower deficit years to still top $1 Trillion in spite of projections. Not that $100 billion matters much at these sizes of deficit spending.
  10. Wrong, IMV, to justify Bush by claiming, "Odumbo is soooo much worse than Bush". While true, of course, Bush should not be lauded in any measure. He was a TERRIBLE, EGOTISTICAL PRESIDENT WHO DID MUCH HARM TO THE US. Hard to imaging ANYONE who came after could be as bad... and yet we got somebody who is SO MUCH WORSE AS TO BE "OFF THE BAD SCALE"...

    How the HELL are we going to survive these two assholes??

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