Germany Triumphed During D-Day -- Good War Propaganda Video

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  1. D-Day German footage (Jun 1944)

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  2. Tresor


    Bernie, this is an even better propaganda of modern times:

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  3. I think you got it backwards Tresor. It should be today 3 million Arabs that call themselves Palestinians (Philistines) are trying to occupy all of ancient Israel just like the ancient Philistines in the Bible that went extinct. What can I say some people just have a death wish -- maybe its because of all those beatiful black eyed virgins (even more beautiful than all of Tiger Wood's mistresses) that await them in Allah's heaven.

    But you are right Tresor. That is a good propaganda video!
  4. Tresor


    Bernie, Palestinians have lived on this land for ages. It is fake Jews (Ashkenazis / Kkazars) like yourself that are trying to occupy the land that was never theirs.

    As you may know, your tribe never lived in Middle East. Your grand grand grand father lived 1,000 years ago in somwhere in what today is Kazahstan:

    Face it: you are a fake Jew :D
  5. You know what. You may be right. Who am I to argue with Rabbi Tresor!:)

    BTW, rabbi did you also check under my pants for verification purposes?
  6. Tresor, why do you hate Jews so much?
  7. Tresor


    I am right. And you don't need a rabbi to guess that.

    In another thread you wrote that your grandfather died in a concentration camp in Transnistria. Transnistra is between Romania and Ukraine.

    Khazars came from Central Asia to Europe through Ukraine, ergo you are Ashkenazi.

    You are not a son of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Joseph, ...... You are a son of Genghis Khan :D
  8. Tresor


    I do not hate anybody. I happen to dislike Zionism (e.g. for their appartheid state of Israel, for innocent Palestinians killed, for an attempt to sink USS Liberty, ..., ... many more).

    And Bernie happens to be a Zionist.

    Jews have nothing to do with it, except for a majority of them are Zionists and keep on supporting oppresive regime in Telaviv.
  9. He will need a very powerful microscope. :D
  10. Tresor


    I am sure Bernie's husband can cope with this little ... problem :D
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