germany to lower taxes. america to tax everything

Discussion in 'Economics' started by zdreg, Nov 10, 2009.

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  2. You have to remember Germany comes from high taxes over the last 15 years. America comes from (relatively) low taxes.

    If you have money or you are en entrepreneur, taxes are terrible in Gemany. If you're poor, Germany is great.
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    well, they said they will do it in 2011 maby 2012..

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    did you hear one time in your life that some state payed back some of the debt?


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  4. America is like the turd swirling the bowl, yet few want to acknowledge... too many are still waiting, with outstretched hand and gleeful hope, for the fulfillment of their promise of "free ice cream"..... that's what they voted for, right??
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    "that's what they voted for, right??"
    no, they voted left.:(
  6. Americans voted for "not Bush" and "free ice cream"... didn't realize how costly "free" was.. :mad:

    As a country, we voted completely selfishly and stupidly... but can't we just suffer a proportionate penalty? Do we, our children and grandchildren have to be FUCKED... for all time... for a "momentary lapse of reason"??
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